What is VoCes-19?


VoCes-19 seeks to shine a light on the concerns and problems faced by adolescents and young adults as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico. We are interested in knowing how you have experienced the health emergency and the impact it has had on your life. We are particularly focused on how you experienced these changes in relation to violence. We aim to visibilize this phenomenon to the general population and institutions that can do something about it.

Why is VoCes-19 an opportunity? By joining this study, you will be part of a unique group that will make a difference in Mexico. Adolescents and young adults, by providing information on how they have experienced the pandemic, can help identify the magnitud of and think about strategies to prevent interpersonal and domestic violence. We will be able to know, for example, what strategies could be more effective in reducing the risk of violence and how to enhance the well-being and mental health of youth in Mexico.

Are you interested in being part of Voces-19?

How to join

Upon completing the survey and sharing your contact information, you will be able to participate in a raffle for a tablet and access to free online classes (arts, yoga, painting, musica and performance).

You may choose to participate in one, two or three of the survey rounds. The first round of the survey will begin in November 2020. If you agree to participate in rounds two and three of the study, the link to the questionnaire will be sent to you at two different points in time: September 2021 and September 2022. At the end of the first and second rounds we will raffle an electronic tablet among the participants. For the third round we will raffle three tablets. In addittion, we will raffle prepaid phone cards in every round.

Important information about the survey

  • Each survey lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • Your data is confidential, only the Population Council research team will have access to it to be able to contact you again in future rounds (see Privacy Notice).
  • If you decide to participate in the following rounds of the study, we will ask you to share an email and / or a cell phone number so that we can send you the links to the following surveys. If you do not want to participate in the following rounds, it is not mandatory and you do not need to send your contact information.
  • However, remember that more VoCes-19 means more presence of young people in decisions and public life in Mexico. Raise your voice!